Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the process of reconstructing the design intent of a physical object, by taking measurements and creating a new 3D model.  If done properly, the result is a perfect reconstruction of the original design.  This new part can then be used to replace the original, or as the basis for further development.

We have decades of experience reverse engineering existing parts to create replacements for damaged components, updating obsolete parts, and creating upgrades and aftermarket addons that fit perfectly onto existing equipment.

3D Scanning

We offer advanced 3D scanning services, especially for complex and organic geometry.  This allows us to determine dimensions from parts and assemblies that are difficult to use conventional measurement tools on, as well as to "scan to CAD" in order to create clean models.  These capabilities are high resolution, versatile, and quick, allowing us to overcome challenges and fulfill your goals.

  • High level of detail: With high resolution for intricate details and full color support, the scan quality is impeccable for modeling freeform surfaces and showing the smallest features.
  • Versatility: With advanced laser and optical technologies and limitless scanning volumes, 3D scanners can measure most parts, of various size, shape, material, surface finish, and complexity.
  • Simplicity: With portable and handheld scanners, and a laptop workstation computer, we can scan parts in office, garage, and field environments, with little preparation.
  • Speed: Initial scans can be made in as little as minutes, on location, with any necessary CAD work taking place at a more convenient time and place.  For scans where only reference measurement data is needed, no further work may be needed, saving you time and money.

Actual 3D scan

3D scanning is also especially effective for designing prosthetics, clothing and costumes, for a custom fit.